Eurozone Unemployment Holds at 11.5% as Inflation Nears Five Year Low

The latest info Eurozone unemployment has held steady at 11.5% in July as 18.4 million people were out of work across the region, according to official figures. The figures also showed that the region's youth unemployment rate (under 25s) remained unmoved at 23.2%. Germany and Austria shared the lowest unemployment rates at 4.9%. In comparison, Spain had a jobless rate of 24.5% over the same period. What’s your opinion ?

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German Unemployment Rises as Risks to Economy Build

Get the latest information… German unemployment unexpectedly rose in August as a stagnating euro-area recovery and tension with Russia darkened the outlook for Europe’s largest economy. What are your thoughts?

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Interpreting Unemployment & Job Growth Statistics

Check out this awesome video – Politicians and pundits often quote statistics about job growth and unemployment rates. Where do these statistics come from? How are they flawed? Please leav… Any comments?

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Researchers: Jobless rate isn't accurate

Get the latest news… Unemployed workers are most likely to respond to a government survey the first time they get it and ignore it later on What’s your opinion of this?

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Predictive Analytics: Potential Cure for What Ails the American Economy?

The latest news… The way we hire and manage employees in America is fundamentally broken. Not only are unemployment rates still high in most cities, but approximately 32 percent of the current unemployed population has been unemployed for seven months or longer. Many people believe these long term unemployed workers no longer fit in today’s workplace, but they […] What do you think?

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